The Big 5-OH – Celebrating OSU Dance

I am delighted to have been at OSU for the occasion of the department’s 50th birthday, and their Big 5-OH showing. Congratulations to whoever came up with that particular title, and the tagline: “…throwing our weight around for 50 years…”* I’ve always appreciated a really nuanced pun, and this big ten university dance department really does know how to throw it’s weight around, and how to stand up for itself, as the four dance pieces on tonight’s program demonstrate.** Continue reading →

In Three Sentences… Labanotation

Labanotation is a way of scoring dance on a page and reading it back, just like you would music.

It records how the joints of your body relate to each other, and how they’re moving.

It can’t write everything, but if you’re invested in the culture of the dance it can write a hell of a lot – and it’s much better than video.