Choreographic Works

Below is a short sample of my choreographic works from 2016 to the present.

Homesick (2019)

Homesick is my first foray into dance film making, and was made as a way of holding and processing my feelings about moving so far from the community I loved.

They Wouldn’t Let Us Call It What We Wanted To Call It… See/Saw (2018)

See/Saw is a radical and joyful exploration of friendship, of queer identity, of immigrant life, and multi-lingual communication in speech and movement. Made in collaboration with Bita Bell.

Iye (2018)

Devised on undergrad students from the Ohio State University School Touring Company, Iye invites an exploration of all that we keep silent about ourselves, and how we can use dance to make the hidden visible.

Blue No/w/here

This performance emerged from #tag lab, a multi-year interdisciplinary research project exploring what it means to live on the internet. Commissioned for the Ten Tiny Dances project in Columbus, OH.

The Aviary (excerpts) 2016

Commissioned for MINT Gallery’s Queer Performance Series, The Aviary explores the uncanny similarities between exotic birds, ballerinas and dinosaurs. What is beautiful is strange, what is strange is beautiful.